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Greenlight Energy Efficiency Loan Program

NECU has partnered with the NH Credit Union League and other credit unions throughout the state to offer Home Energy Efficiency Loans.  This program makes it possible for credit unions to offer loan products to members at low rates to help improve the energy efficiency of their homes.  Take advantage of this great program with NECU's EnergySmart Home loan! 

Northeast Credit Union understands the challenge in affording energy efficient alternatives to heat or cool your home - ultimately keeping the utility costs down. We're here to help by offering an EnergySmartSM loan. This low fixed-rate loan product is designed specifically to help members realize greater energy efficiency in their everyday lives.

With an EnergySmartSM loan, members can purchase environmentally friendly appliances that create a more energy- efficient home, ultimately lowering utility costs year round. An EnergySmartSM loan is also perfect for purchasing solar panels and other energy saving products that can turn your home into a more "green" environment.

Here are just a few examples of energy saving items that can help:

  • Appliances: clothes washers, dishwashers, and refrigerators to name a few
  • Heating and cooling: boilers, central AC, ceiling fans, furnaces, and home insulation
  • Air Sealing: windows, doors, and skylights

EnergySmartSM Homeowner Unsecured Home Improvement Loan

An EnergySmart unsecured loan is designed to make quick and affordable financing for improvements that increase the energy efficiency of your home. And, since it's an unsecured loan, it is not dependent on the equity in your home. Click here for current rates

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