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Member Services

Electronic Funds Transfer


Need to move money from one account to another? NECU makes it easy. And you don't even have to leave home to do it. 


Electronic funds transfer is a trusted tool, employing proven technology to move funds in a highly secure and reliable way. Northeast Credit Union is pleased to offer our members this service via online banking.

Don't have online banking access? Sign up today!
Contact a Member Service Representative at 888.436.1847.


Northeast Credit Union's Transit/ABA Routing Number is 2114-8963-0.


    • Deduct money from an account at another financial institution and deposit it into your Northeast Credit Union Account.
    • Transfer money from one NECU account to another NECU account.
    •  Send money to another financial institution from your Northeast Credit    
      Union account.


·    Convenient way to transfer money.

·     Able to conduct on demand, scheduled, and recurring transfers.

·     Safe and convenient access from anywhere you have Internet access.

·     Provide transaction tracking.

·    Transferring money into your Northeast Credit Union account is FREE!

For more information, please stop by a branch, contact a Member Service Representative at 888.436.1847, or submit our online information request form. We will be happy to guide you through the process. We're here to help you 24/7.

Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure

Wire Instructions

For incoming wires members will need the following information:

35 Corporate Drive (Suite 300)
Burlington, MA 01803
ABA 211391773

Then Instructions must say:

Further Credit
Northeast Credit Union
For Final Credit to: 
Member's Name: 

Incoming wires are subject to a processing fee (see current fee schedule)



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